Thứ sáu 31/10/2014
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WISDOM 6th PhD Scientific Seminar

Organized and hosted by UNU-EHS, the third PhD Scientific Seminar of WISDOM’s second project phase took place from June 10th to 12th, 2013 at the UN Campus in Bonn. Together with the three seminars held in the first phase, this was the sixth such an event which provided the PhD students the opportunity to present and discuss their research results with fellow researchers within the project. Additionally, invited experts were also involved in discussions of possible synergies and the integration of research findings into the WISDOM Information System.



Invited international experts Ass. Prof Dr. Vo Khac Tri (SIWRR, Vietnam), Dr. Trinh Thi Long (SIWRR, Vietnam), Ass. Prof. Håkan Berg (Stockholm University, Sweden), Dr Eren Zink (Uppsala University, Sweden) and Ass. Prof. Matti Kummu (Aalto University, Finland) supported the students with keynote lectures, individual consultation, and valuable comments on their research outcomes and interpretation. The seminar was rounded off by a 2-day public speaking training delivered by professional coach, Mona Shair-Wloch.


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