Thứ sáu 31/10/2014
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ZEF Update on Results

The Center for Development Research (ZEF), in collaboration with its partners CIDS, SISD and CTU completed an important part of its fieldwork: In March 2012, three PhD students returned from Vietnam. In May, a survey on more than 200 small-scale enterprises (SSE) was implemented along the Thot Not Canal and, between March and May, a study on ‘Gender and Water: The Role of the Farmer‘s Association and the Women‘s Union’ was conducted in Can Tho City.


The analysis of the datasets is ongoing. Findings of the research improve our understanding of certain domains (aquaculture, farming, rural and urban industrialization, health, etc.), but more importantly inform us about local practices and challenges in water resources management. For instance, deficiencies in the educational work and services of water related government agencies came into focus. Moreover, the rapid economic transformation brings about negative environmental, rapid technological and diverse socio-economic changes and therefore challenges sustainability. A number of sectors suffer from increasing pressure and planning targets appear to be overambitious.


Some of the findings are already published. In addition to the four books, which came out during the past six months, a number of other academic papers are now available. In addition, a collection of 14 fact sheets, entitled WISDOM Social Science Briefs has been widely disseminated to stakeholders throughout the Mekong Delta.


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