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WP 7000 Capacity Building

In the German-Vietnamese WISDOM project, Capacity Building is defined as building on active capacities with a three to four level development and enhancement of the existing individual, project or team as well as institutional and organisational capacities. WP 7000 will support the implementation, maintenance and expansion of the water related information and decision support system as a cross-cutting task, overarching the long-term WISDOM project implementation.


The Vietnamese partners and WISDOM institutions comprise academic individuals and organizations from the local administration to the national level. Therefore capacity building measures and development support will be provided on local regional and national level from individuals to national administration and scientific agencies as well as WISDOM scholars and other project partners involved.


A sustainable management of a satellite and GIS based water related decision support system depends not only on the establishment of the requisite technological bases (such as earth observation and remote sensing data interpretation as well as water modelling), but also on the development of the institutional and human capacities that are necessary for the Mekong Delta wide implementation and application of the decision support system in Southern Vietnam.


The required technical and institutional capacity to operate and manage the decision support system varies from scientific to technical expertise. It comprises data collection and metadata structure, remote sensing and image processing techniques as well as modelling, data management and result representation and awareness and information of decision makers via the relevant agencies. Therefore the Capacity Building approach of WP 7000 is divided into three components and will translate these long-term targets into collaborative action such as:


  • Cooperation with Vietnamese and other WISDOM project partners like UNU-ehs and ZEF to establish a German-Vietnamese Capacity Building Unit (CBU) within WISDOM to manage and coordinate all capacity building measures and other cross cutting knowledge management issues of WISDOM.
  • Carrying out relevant training instruction measures to build on individual capacities in relevant organizations and institutions with WISDOM partners and WISDOM scholars in order to meet the scientific and technological needs of the project. This aims also to develop cross cutting competence like management skills and organizational capacity-building capabilities.
  • Strengthen the didactic and training skills as well as management and coordination capacities of selected executive agencies, especially their co-operation and organizational structures at sub-national level. Strengthen the institutional and organizational capacities of regional organizations working in the fields of data collection and interpretation.

The WP 7000 CB-Unit is responsible for the preparation, development as well as the implementation and quality assurance of WISDOM training measures. It will serve also as the coordination and service provider for German and Vietnamese partners involved in WISDOM. The CB-Unit offers a portfolio of knowledge services and balanced blended learning modules of classroom instruction combined with practical hands-on training in close cooperation with Vietnamese Partner Institutions like SUBNIAP, SIWIRR and GIRS.


Some of the planned and scheduled WISDOM CB – measures are highlighted in following list:


  • Geo-Location data and mapping training for WISDOM Scholars, Location and Date: Bonn UNU-ehs, 2008 -03-12
  • Introduction to Decision Support Systems for Vietnamese decision makers Location and Date: Viet Nam, HCMC, Sub-NIAPP, 2nd or 3rd Q. of 2008
  • IDL – Programming language – Introduction for Vietnamese Partner Institutions Location and Date: Viet Nam, HCMC, 3rd or 4th Q. of 2008
  • Introduction to Remote Sensing applications and imagine interpretation Location and Date: Viet Nam, HCMC, 4th Q. of 2008
  • Introduction to GIS and Geo-Data Management within Decision Support Systems Location and Date: Viet Nam, HCMC, 1st or 2nd Q. of 2009
  • German – Vietnamese Summer School on Water related Management Systems for WISDOM and other PhD scholars of WISDOM Partner Institutions and Agencies Location and Date: Viet Nam, HCMC, 2nd or 3rd Q. of 2009
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