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WP 6000 Data Integration and Remotely Sensed Products

Integration of datasets affects the functionality and usability of the information system to a great extend. Based on data and information already existing at institutes associated with the project, data sets can be incorporated to generate (value-added) information products.

The development of adapted components and data products, as second part in WP 6000, has a strong relation to already existing products and to those which are required by Vietnamese and German partners.


Task 6100: Data Integration


As a first objective a catalogue of data types and data formats has to be build, which contains detailed description of all existing data sets concerning water management and all required data sets for the requested information products.

Second objective is the definition of interfaces for data exchange and process communication in cooperation with A3250 (Task 3200 Analysis and Concept).

The third and last objective of Task 6100 is the validation of the modelled data and the subsequent data transfer into the management system, using data converting modules developed in cooperation with A3410 (Task 3400 Integration and Testing).



Figure 1: Online Data Catalogue


Task 6200: Remotely sensed products


Design, validation and implementation of the following operational and semi-operational product chains


Work plan:


  • 6210 Operational water mask
  • 6220 Spatial precipitation database
  • 6230 Historical inundation database
  • 6240 Monitoring system concerning water constituents
  • 6250 Multi sensor fusion techniques for the generation of high-resolution product maps of water masks and water constituents
  • 6260 Operational land cover classification
  • 6270 Operational forest fire monitoring system

Figure 2: Watermask derived from TerraSAR-X


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