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WP 1000 Project Management



This WP is to provide administrative, organizational and technical management and facilitate effective coordination between partners. It includes the financial, scientific and technological management; the organization of knowledge flow between the tasks and work packages and the continuous information exchange with the Vietnamese partner institutions as well as the preparation of regular reports to the BMBF and the dissemination and publication of project results to the interested community.


TASK 1100: Administrative co-ordidation


The first objective of this task is to manage successfully scientific contents. It needs to assure appropriateness, productivity and fulfilment of the research process in order to meet objectives of the project within expected objectives or exceeding these. The second objective is to ensure appropriate monitoring activities, communication and progress reporting with refinements of the project plan, finance management and arrangement of project meetings. Another important part of this task is also to contribute to mutual understanding, multidisciplinary learning, management of motivation and user involvement as well as active problem foreseeing, solving and decision making.


Work plan:


  • A1110: Project progress monitoring
  • A1120: Facilitating co-ordination and knowledge transfer between the work packages
  • A1130: Prepare and submit scientific progress, administrative and financial reports to the BMBF
  • A1140: Maintain a regular and effective interface with the BMBF
  • A1150: Coordination of Kick-off Meeting
  • A1160: Coordination of regular Project Management Board meetings


Task 1200: Networking and Harmonization with the Vietnamese Project Consortium


This task will guarantee an efficient and target orientated development of the whole project, including close collaboration with the project co-ordinator of the Vietnamese project consortium and the Vietnamese-German scientific co-ordination board. For a fruitful development of the project this co-ordination entity will promote the continuous exchange of all results, communication with the steering committee and report to the advisory board.

The co-ordination entity will be responsible for the active involvement of all groups at all stages in the evaluation of the work packages. Information flow within the project will be ensured by exchange of internal technical papers, notification of relevant new publications, technologies or standards, and reports from external meetings. Particular attention will be paid to monitoring and responding to feedback from users. The networking and harmonisation task will ensure the project deliverables and direction are scientifically sound and that project performance is satisfactory.


Work plan:


  • A1210: Technical assessment of the performance of the project consortia
  • A1220: Integrate review and assessment into the project activities
  • A1230: Regular meetings (including telephone- and videoconference)
  • A1240: Communication of technical and contractual information
  • A1250: Regular reports to the advisory board and the steering committee
  • A1260: Forum for the discussion of the later implementation phase


Task 1300: International Networking and Linkage


There are many other activities in progress on natural resources, water and flood management across the Mekong Basin Community, some promoted by BMBF, other by international funding organizations like the World Bank or the Asian Development Bank (ADB). The linkage with existing networks, clusters and external research and policy development activities and the integration of results from other projects to make use of synergy is one of the main goals of the project.


Work plan:


  • A1310: Identify previous projects and results and ongoing national and international research
  • A1320: Networking and exchange with other national and international initiatives
  • A1330: Integration of users and interested communities
  • A1340: Promote dissemination of project results in the relevant international forums
  • A1350: Promote project visibility by participation and presentation on conferences and events
  • A1360: Promote acceptance of project results
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