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GFZ - German Research Center for Geoscience

The German Research Center for Geoscience (GFZ), Germany´s National Research Centre for Geosciences, hosts and facilitates large scale research in Geoscience, ranging from earth observing satellite missions over physics and chemistry of the earth to Geoengineering (


The Section 5.4 Hydrology of the GFZ is specialized on flood risk research including the development of new strategies for probabilistic flood risk assessment, flood hydraulics, and the development of innovative flood damage assessment methods. Another focus is large scale (global) hydrological modelling and the assimilation of global earth observing data, e.g. GRACE gravimetric data, into the models as well as in-situ measurements, including geophysical methods, of hydrological variables.


Within WISDOM the GFZ coordinates the activities in Work Package 4000: "Water resources, river system and water related hazards". Within WP4000 GFZ also leads the following activities:

  • A4110: Statistical analysis of floods and droughts in the Mekong Basin
  • A4210: Hydraulic modelling and integration of Remote Sensing and spatially distributed ground measurement data
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