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eomap - Earth Observation and Mapping

EOMAP GmbH & Co.KG bridges the gap from earth observation data to standardized map products.


Multispectral space- and airborne sensor products and integrated software solutions comprise EOMAP's core business. We equip data providers with operational product processors for satellites and offer large-area mapping with satellite and airborne sensors. EOMAP's services can be integrated with environmental monitoring, general areal explorations, and the scientific development of the latest earth observation techniques, in particular for coastal zones, inland waters, wetlands, and other areas where area wide mapping is required.


Our software processors can deliver standardized products such as suspended matter, phytoplankton, and dissolved organic material from both deep inland and coastal waters. Precise bathymetric charts and sea floor vegetation distributions can be generated for optically shallow waters.


Our staff incorporates their extensive experience into software development, physically-based remote sensing product generation, cartography, interdisciplinary research cooperation, and project management.


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