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UNU-EHS - United Nations University - Institute for Environment and Human Security

UNU-EHS explores threats to human security from environmental degradation, unsustainable land use practices, and from natural and man-made hazards. A major focal point of UNU-EHS research is the identification and assessment of vulnerability and coping capacity of societies facing natural and human-induced hazards in a changing environment. In this context the development of vulnerability indicators and criteria to measure vulnerability as well as the development of integrated information technology in disaster management is part of UNU-EHS research and development activities. The Institute is conceived to support policy and decision makers with authoritative research and information.


UNU-EHS leads or is involved in four components of the WISDOM project:

  1. Overall responsibility for the PhD programme
  2. Research in the field of vulnerability assessment of communities facing rapid onset (e.g. floods) or “creeping” (e.g. droughts, salinisation) hazards
  3. Research in the field of pesticide contamination and modelling of surface waters
  4. Contributions to general capacity development activities                                                                                                        
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