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DLR led a Special Issue in the International Journal of Remote Sensing, April 2014

“Remote Sensing the Mekong”. This is the title of a Special Issue of the International Journal of Remote Sensing, published in April 2014. The special issue contains a variety of scientific papers dealing with pressing questions related to the Mekong. The issue contains studies on extensive land cover product comparisons for the Mekong Basin, research on climate change impacts especially in the upper catchment of the Mekong, an array of wetland analyses for the Mekong Delta or Tonle Sap Lake, as well as analyses of Mekong Delta coastal water sediment load, amongst other. Dr. Claudia Kuenzer, leader of the WISDOM 1 and 2 projects, was the guest editor of this special issue. Scientists interested in the research published in this volume can contact her directly.



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