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Mekong Delta - Road Transportation

The transportation of goods by road is also gaining of importance. Like the Mekong Delta waterways, the roads also registered a net increase of transported freight over the past years. Thus the volume of goods transported by road in the Mekong Delta Provinces grew between 2003 and 2006 by 25 %, from 15.699.200 to 19.694.400 tons. With an increase of 6.51 % Ho Chi Minh City’s road transport sector didn’t grow as much as the Delta’s, but with a total amount of 21.353.600 tons of transported goods by roads in 2006, the city is still the number one in the statistics.

The road transport sector was also strongly promoted in recent years: roads were built and /or rehabilitated and various bridge projects were implemented. Future investments within the road sector will be oriented towards two main needs, as identified by the Vietnamese government: The first one refers to the development of a rural infrastructure, including the rural and provincial road network. The second one focuses on the development of a large-scale infrastructure for sustain able economic growth (ADB 2007).



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