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WISDOM Project Annual Meeting of German Partners at DLR in Oberpfaffenhofen

The annual German Partner meeting of the WISDOM project was held at DLR in Oberpfaffenhofen from November 4th to 5th. Each of the ten German partner insitutions and companies has been represented. During the meeting each Work Package leader reported on the progress in his field; such as project management, knowledge management and institutional mapping of the Vietnamese Water Sector, Information System design, Hydrology and hydraulic modelling, water quality analyses, topographic mapping, vulnerability research and socio-economic research, data integration and capacity bulding. A lot of new synergy could be created among different research fields and institutions.

DLR hosts three WISDOM project exchange scientists in November and December

Pham Bach Viet from the GIS and Remote Sensing Research Center of the Vietnamese Academy of Sciences and Technology is currently supporting the German WISDOM team with remote sensing data analyses and the preparation of a validation campaign for January. Furthermore, Sven Genschik from the Center for Development Studies, ZEF, is currently at the DFD of DLR to receive training in the fields of spatial data integration, GIS and Webapplications. In December a hydrologist from the Southern Insitute of Water Ressources Research will spend time at DLR to get a deeper insight into the Information System.

Second WISDOM PhD Seminar held at Can Tho University

The three day WISDOM PhD Seminar gave all 14 WISDOM PhD students to present their intermediate research results, after having undertaken fieldwork in the Mekong Delta for half a year. PhD research addresses many science disciplines, such as hydrology, modelling, socio-economics, and water quality. The 8 Vietnamese and 6 European students stay in the Delta for at least another half year and will commence their work later at their supervising WISDOM partner institutes such as UNU; ZEF, GFZ and INRES. Special guests to the WISDOM PhD seminar was Dr. Bui van Quyen, Head of the MOST Southern Representative Office.

Expert Working Group, EWG on Vulnerability jointly organized by UNU-EHS, University of Can Tho and WISDOM

A three day workshop has been held at CTU in the Mekong Delta. 20 experts from the field of Vulnerability and Climate Change discussed topics such as Vulnerability Assessment of Delta Regions, Vulnerability Indicators, Coping Capacity Mechanisms, Vulnerability Reduction Strategies, and Disaster Resilience. The Workshop brought together specific scientists and PhD students of the WISDOM project with experts from countries such as Australia, Japan, Great Britain, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and UN agencies. For detailed information about the outcome of the Workshop, EWG leader Jörn Birkmann at UNU can be contacted. The outcome of the discussions will be fed to the next EWG meeting on Vulnerability, which will be held 2009 in Bonn.

WISDOM coordination visits Ministries and related research institutes in Hanoi

During several visits at Departments and Centres of MOST, MONRE and MARD the WISDOM project has been further promoted, and future cooperation potential with additional science institutes has been assessed. Furthermore, the Mekong River Commission, (MRC) branch office in Hanoi (VNMC, Vietnamese National Mekong Committee), the BMBF-MOST Water Office and northern counterparts of WISDOM Project partner institutes in the South were visited.

DLR Delegation performs User Requirements Study for the WISDOM Information System

During numerous visits at MOST, MONRE, MARD, MOT and related science instiutes in Hanoi is was assessed, which kind of data and information decision makers and managers would like to see incorporated into the WISDOM Information System. The goal is to create a planning relevant tool for decision makers, which will be installed and also used in Vietnam at a later stage in the project. Therefore it is of utmost importance to assess User Needs in the country. Furthermore, partners and other interesting science collaborators in Ho Chi Minh City, as well as DOSTs, DONREs and DARDs in the Mekong Delta were visited.

First Knowledge Management Training Course at SISS

On 16th - 18th June 2008 the first First Knowledge Management Training Course took place in HCMC, Vietnam. This training course was organized by the Center for Development Research (ZEF) and the Southern Institute of Social Sciences (SISS). As a first step towards capacity building within the WISDOM project, Prof. Dr. Hans-Dieter Evers presented new concepts and methodologies concerning knowledge management to the Vietnamese research community. The first day of the workshop mainly centered on contemporary theory and concepts of knowledge for development and knowledge management. Besides hearing further concepts on the second day the participants also had the opportunity to concretely apply what they had learnt so far by engaging in exercises on knowledge management, in which they were challenged with the question of how to build up a knowledge society.

Jointed IWRM – WISDOM modeling workshop

On June 10, 2008 WISDOM's partner project "IWRM Vietnam" initiated the first jointed modeling workshop on hydrological modeling at the Ruhr University Bochum. Twelve IWRM and WISDOM scientists and PhD students met to identify cooperation issues and to start developing synergies between the two modeling groups in the field of modeling the hydrological and hydrodynamic situation of the Mekong Delta.

WISDOM WP-leader meeting

End of May 2008, all the wp-leaders met together to discuss the current activities in the different work packages and the results of each group. WP 1000, Report from "Project Management", overall project development, news and update. WP 2000, Report on "Knowledge Management", latest developments/results and report Vietnam. WP 3000, Report on "System Design", latest developments/results. WP 4000, Report on "Water Resources, River System and Water related hazards" and report on Vietnam field campaign. WP 5000, Report on "Water Knowledge and Livelihoods" and report on Vietnam field campaign. WP 6000, Report on "Data Integration and Remote sensing". One focus of the discussion was the cooperation between WISDOM, IWRM and Sansed, data exchange, conceptual thoughts about the Information System, Financial Issues, planning of a common joint field campaign in 2009 and the WISDOM PhD Seminar.

The DLR team of the WISDOM project hosted an IWRM PhD student working in the field of remote sensing

Just like WISDOM, the IWRM project is a bi-lateral BMBF funded project between Vietnam and Germany. Both projects - WISDOM and IWRM - aim at close cooperation for mutual support, the avoidance of redundancies, and joint acticvities, such as workshops, open seminars and data exchange. Sylvia Jaschinski, PhD student within the IWRM project at the Ruh University of Bochum stayed two months at the German Remote Sensing data Center, DFD, of DLR and received instruction and supervision on topics such as remote sensing theory, pre-processing of satellite data, landcover and landuse classification and feature extraction techniques.

DLR WISDOM staff held a GPS course at UNU-EHS for all WISDOM PhD students

On 18-19 March 2008 DLR organized a GPS training course for the WISDOM PhD scholars. The course was hosted by UNU-EHS in Bonn. In the theoretical and practical sessions of the two-day seminar the PhD scholars learnt to use GPS units and to process the acquired GPS data in a geographical information system. These skills will be necessary for the fieldwork which most of the PhD scholars will begin from April onwards. In addition, Prof. Dr. Evers presented first results of the research on knowledge clusters and knowledge hubs in the Mekong Delta.

DLR Field Campaign to Vietnam in January 2008 and visits to Vietnamese partners

The field campaign of DLR took place between January 7th and January 25th. Five DLR scientists travelled to Vietnam for issues concerning project management, information system technology, remote sensing validation and support of a water sampling campaign. With the project partner and coordinator on the Vietnamese side SIWRR project management issues were discussed. A joint two day Remote Sensing Workshop took place at the Vietnamese project partner GIRS-VAST.

Campaign on the Mekong River for water sampling and spectra collection

Between January 19th and 22nd the Southern Institute for Water Ressources Research SIWRR, the German company Eomap and scientists of DLR undertook a field campaign on a boat on the Mekong River. Water samples for turbidity measurements were collected, spectral reflectance of water in different areas were measured for the calibration of remote sensing based water constituent derivation models and water constiuent modelling and analyses were discussed with the Vietnamese partners.

UNU organized the first WISDOM PhD seminar in Bonn, Germany

The WISDOM PhD programm is a central part of the WISDOM project. 15 PhD students from Vietnam and Europe will research on different aspects of relevance in the Mekong Delta. Topics include hydrologic modelling, pecticide modelling, endocrine disruptor investigation, livelihood analyses, and knowledge management to GIS and spatial planning. The PhDs students were employed in fall 2007. During the seminar they presented their outline of work planned for the following month. Experts invited from partner projects of the WISDOM project - such as the SANSED or the IWRM project reported on recent activities. Further invited experts gave talks on topic of interest for watershed management.

Delegation with representatives of MOST and MONRE visit DLR

In September a delegation of six representatives from MOST and MONRE visited DLR. During talks the WISDOM project's work packages were presented. Furthermore, the idea of a first demonstration of the WISDOM Information System was discussed. The delegation members also received a tour via the DLR campus and social activities (Oktoberfest visit) rounded off the visit.

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