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Workshop on the WISDOM Information System in Can Tho

SIWRR coordinated in close cooperation with the German WISDOM Partners a workshop on the WISDOM Information System in Can Tho on the 10th of January 2012. About 35 directors of the DONREs, DARDs and DOSTs of the 13 Mekong Delta Provinces were invited and participated. Purpose of this workshop was to review current functionalities, data content and performance of the WISDOM Information System and to discuss required priorities for the further technical development in order in increase the attractiveness of the Information System for daily routine usage in the provinces. The response of the participants was positive and several institutes requested further trainings and indicated that they would like contribute by uploading their data into the Information System. Based on this request in March further workshops on the operational level are planned in order to facilitate further provinces to utilize the WISDOM Information System. 


2012-01-10 Workshop Can Tho

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