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DLR / University of Wuerzburg present six WISDOM related talks at the ACRS in Hanoi, 01-04 Nov 2010

Between November 1st and 4th 2010 the 31st Asian Conference on Remote Sensing (ACRS) was held in Hanoi, Vietnam. The ACRS is one of the most important regional conferences on Remote Sensing and Geosciences in Asia and gathers experts from the scientific- and user communities. The German Aerospace Center and the Wuerzburg University contributed with 6 oral presentations on new methodologies and applications directly related to the WISDOM project. The presentations comprised activities and results in the fields of remote sensing, data management and information systems. In detail following presentations were given during the conference:

V. Klinger*, T. Wehrmann, S. Gebhardt, and C. Künzer, "RESTful WISDOM (Water-related Information System for the Sustainable Development of the Mekong Delta)"
J. Huth*, T. Wehrmann, S. Gebhardt, V. Klinger, F. Moder, and C. Künzer, "TWOPAC - A new approach for automated classification of satellite imagery"
S. Gebhardt*, T. Wehrmann, V. Klinger, J. Huth, and C. Künzer, "Modelling, management and distribution of heterogeneous data for a web based information system"
P. Leinenkugel, T. Esch, C. Künzer, S. Gebhardt* "Large area impervious surface mapping on the basis of optical and SAR data"
Q. T. Vo*, S. Gebhardt, Q. M. Vo, J. Huth, and C. Künzer, "How remote sensing supports economic evaluation of mangrove ecosystems"
T. B. Tran*, T. Wehrmann, S. Gebhardt, V. Klinger, J. Huth, Q. T. Vo, and C. Künzer, "Ontology based approach for geospatial semantic web"




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