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ZEF - Field research on planning of the dyke system completed

Though people in the Mekong Delta live with floods, floods occur seasonally and have unpredictable effects. In 1961 and 2000, big floods destroyed major parts of the agricultural system, the infrastructure and hundreds of people lost their life. Therefore, floods are perceived as a hazard and flood control has been identified as an appropriate instrument to reduce the risk and prevent negative impacts of flooding. Within this perspective, a comprehensive dyke system has been developed and implemented throughout the Mekong Delta.

Field campaign for terrestrial surveying of dams and dikes for DEM generation

In April / May 2009 DHI-WASY realised the second field campaign in the survey area in Tam Nong. The objective of this trip was mainly to do terrestrial surveying of dams and dikes alongside surface channel systems. This was realised with a satellite supported survey system with a mobile GPS receiver and a base station. The result is high resolution data for ground level elevations, especially for geographical breaklines like dams & dikes and roads of different categories. The data will be used for DEM generation and validation of DEM´s generated from remote sensing data.

DLR Workshop on Remote Sensing, GIS and SDI

The WISDOM team of DLR held 4-day long trainings in the fields of GIS, remote sensing, database design and spatial data infrastructure (SDI) in Ho Chi Minh City and in Hanoi. Over 30 participants followed the training courses. Participants in Ho Chi Minh were mostly WISDOM project partner members from VAST-GIRS, SRHMC, Sub-Niapp, SIWRR, SISD, and CTU amongst others. In Hanoi the training course brought together managers and technicians from different institutes under MOST, MARD and MONRE as well as the Vietnam National Mekong Committee.

Legal Framework of the Water Sector in Vietnam - An Overview

The here presented summary represents the first part of a study on the legal framework of the water sector in Vietnam. The study is part of ZEF´s research activities within the WISDOM project and aims at understanding the institutional framework of water management in Vietnam.

ZEF/ MDI study on local water management takes off

In March 2009, the Mekong Delta Development Research Institute (MDI) and the Centre for Development Research (ZEF) started a collaborative research project on local water management in Can Tho City. The research aims at understanding how water is managed at commune and hamlet level. Additionally the various aspects of water use, flood management, handling of wastewater and other issues are of special relevance to the project.

DLR: Presentation of the first Prototype of the WISDOM Information System

On the 19th of March the German WISDOM members presented the WISDOM Information System Prototype during a formal event in Cuu Long Hotel, Can Tho, to about 70 directors and representatives of the DOSTs, DONREs and DARDs of the 13 provinces of the Mekong delta. A representative of MOST joined from Hanoi. The introduction of the technical concept of the Information System and the online presentation of the current prototype was followed by an afternoon of intense and fruitful discussions. The WISDOM prototype presented in Can Tho, will be online via the WISDOM website from June on.

Workshop on Analyses of Endocrine Disruptors

Representatives from DONREs HCMC, CanTho, Hau Giang, Dong, Nai, DOST Bin Duong from the Universities Can Tho and An Giang and from Research Instittutes ITB, SIWRR were introduced to the concept of endocrine disruptors and their analysis by YES-assay. Various presentations and in depth demonstrations in the laboratory led to an understanding of the effect of hormone like substances on humans and their possible analysis with YES-assay. The YES-assay reflects the estrogenicity of a water sample in form of a sum parameter.

Vietnamese Delegation visits Germany

A Vietnamese delegation with participants from SIWRR, SRHMC, MOST and VAST-GIRS visited Germany for one week. Dr. Tri., Dr. Duc, Dr. Thanh and Mrs. Long and Mr. Binh joined the Data Integration workshop in Potsdam, as well as one day meetings at DLR, Eomap, UNU and ZEF. The visit was very fruitful with regard to exchange on project progress, planning of next steps the preparation of the upcoming lare WISDOM field campaign in March 2009.

WISDOM Data Integration Workshop

The two day workshop on data integration served to discuss data exchange, data standards, data hierarchies and last but not least data integration into the Information System. One participant from each German WISDOM partner institution has been present. We were furthermore very fortunate to have the Vietnamese coordinators of the WISDOM project, Dr. Tri and Mrs. Long from SIWRR, as well as Dr. Pham (Director of SRHMC), Dr. Thanh (MOST), and Mr. Binh (Vast Girs) with us. The meeting was kindly hosted by GFZ.

Field campaign for validation of remote sensing products, January 2009

In January 2009 DLR realized a field campaign for the collection of GPS data with the intention to validate land cover and water mask products, that were recently derived from satellite data with automatic processors. To improve the results of such products derived from remote sensing data and to know about their accuracy ground truth data are essential.

ZEF explores newspaper archive in Can Tho and retraces local water related history

Vietnam has a long-standing and rich media landscape, especially in the field of print media. Nearly all provinces have at least one daily newspaper, keeping people up to date on social, cultural, political and economical affairs of their province and beyond. Moreover, local newspapers represent a valuable source of information for researchers. The daily local press offers information on current events, new policies and projects and gives insights into public debates and discourses. Besides, newspaper archives provide data on past events and therefore offer rich opportunities for historical work.

Public lecture on 'Knowledge Management for Development' at MDI, Vietnam

On January 9th 2009, Prof. Evers from the Center for Development Research (ZEF) gave a public lecture on “Knowledge Management for Development” at the Mekong Delta Development Research Institute in Can Tho City. Researchers from several departments of Can Tho University participated in the session, in which Prof. Evers introduced basic concepts of knowledge management and illustrated the importance of knowledge for development.

Trần Thái Bình shows WISDOM Project on GIS-IDEAS 2008

The International Conference on GeoInformatics for Spatial-Infrastructure Development in Earth & Allied Sciences (GIS-IDEAS) was scheduled in Hanoi, Vietnam, 4-6 December 2008. Trần Thái Bình from GIRS-VAST, was giving a lecture about the WISDOM Project on GIS-IDEAS conference.

New techniques developed in the WISDOM project are applied in industrial offshore monitoring contracts

EOMAP introduces newly developed processes and monitoring instruments for the offshore industry. The new earth observation based techniques have been applied in several industrial contracts, including long-term monitoring applications. These developments are extended to a variety of different satellite sensors, as the new procedures are inter-operational and applicable for sensors with differing spectral and spatial resolutions.
The WISDOM project is therefore a technological leap forward and represents a significant improvement in the cost-effectiveness of operational mapping technologies.
Specific advancements added into the industrial monitoring algorithms can likewise be applied as technological improvements to the Mekong and other upcoming river monitoring contracts.

ZEF Senior Fellow Prof. Ehlers holds a lecture at MDI / Can Tho University

On November 09th, 2009, Prof. Ehlers from the Center of Development Research ZEF / Bonn University visited the WISDOM Partner Institute Mekong Delta Development Research Institute MDI and gave a lecture on “Nature and Society: Global Change and Rural Development as a Challenge for Interdisciplinary Research”.

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