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WISDOM contribution to the 'Year in Viet Nam 2010'

WISDOM contributed to the ‘INFORMATION DAYS ON INTEGRATED COASTAL MANAGEMENT IN THE MEKONG DELTA’ in Can Tho on the 13th of October 2010, organized by GTZ. The event took place in the context of the 35th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the Federal Republic of Germany and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. The year 2010 was selected as the ‘German Year in Viet Nam’ and ‘Vietnamese Year in Germany’ and 50 activities have been organized by the German government to celebrate the success of this bilateral cooperation.

13 PhD Scholarships Offered within WISDOM Project

The United Nations University Institute for Environment and Human Security (UNU-EHS), in collaboration with the Centre for Development Research of the University of Bonn (ZEF), the German Research Centre for Geoscience (GFZ) and German Aerospace Centre (DLR) is offering 13 PhD scholarships for outstanding students to carry out research within the WISDOM project.   

The official application deadline is 10th of October 2010. Find here more information on the application procedure.

WISDOM meets external Mekong experts -Workshop hosted at DLR

On August 30 DLR hosted a WISDOM workshop at the end of project phase I to bring together the project group to meet up with external Mekong experts. About 25 WISDOM scientists participated in the fruitful exchange with 5 external experts from Cambodia, Finland and Germany. The experts presented the outcome of Mekong Delta and Mekong related projects they contributed to within the past 10 years, as well as on-going projects related to MRC programmes. Furthermore airborne technologies concerning groundwater analysis were introduced.

ZEF starts fieldwork on water quality management and knowledge dissemination in the Mekong Delta

In April 2010, Sven Genschick and Quy-Hanh Nguyen arrived in Can Tho in order to start their one-year field research. Both scientists are junior researchers at the Center for Development Studies (ZEF), Bonn and members of the ZEF/WISDOM team.


Experts of the Mekong Delta Province Bac Lieu and GTZ meet the WISDOM project at DLR

On June 10th 16 experts from Bac Lieu Province (Head of the Peoples Committee, Directors of local environmental agencies etc.) jointly with local GTZ experts visited DLR to exchange ideas of collaboration between EZ funded projects such as a coastal protection project of GTZ in Bac Lieu and the WISDOM Project. Several participants had already been involved in the DARD, DONRE, DOST Workshop for Mekong Delta provinces, which was held in March 2009 in Can Tho. Coastal protection – and here especially the protection of remaining forest areas – are of highest priority in Bac Lieu.

WISDOM at Mekong Flood Forum organized by MRC in Vientiane, Laos

The 8th Annual Mekong Flood Forum was organized by the Mekong River Commission in Vientiane Laos in end of May 2010. About 125 registered participants with a wide professional background of several countries participated with the overall goal to share latest Mekong related water management issues. WISDOM submitted and presented two full papers. The information system was introduced by Florian Moder and the second presentation was held by Erich Plate, giving an overview of the latest results of the WISDOM project.

VAST-GIRS and DFD of DLR held joint Kick Off Meeting for the WISDOM asscociated Project RICEMAN

On 16th of April the Kick Off meeting of the RICEMAN project, as small project associated to the WISDOM Project focussing on coastal protection and the management of two important man made and natural ecosystems in Vietnam - rice growing areas and mangrove ecosystems - took place at the premises of VAST-GIRS in HCMC on April 16th 2010. During the Kick Off directors of GIRS, FIPI and associated organisations were present. The German WISDOM coordination as well as WISDOM's CIM expert also joined the meeting.

Project Coordination of DLR and consultants of BMBF presented WISDOM Project at the Asian Development Bank, ADB, in Manila

The WIDSDOM project and its preliminary results, as well as the Mekong Delta Information System were presented during a presentation session with section heads and scientific experts from the water sector, and including the German Vice Director for the field of Knowledge Management at the Asian Development Bank, ADB, in Manila.

WISDOM project meetings with Project Partners in HCMC as well as with MOST, MONRE Vice Minister, Worldbank and GTZ in Hanoi

During a week's visit in Hanoi the WISDOM project coordination lead several talks with Ministries in Hanoi informing about the current status of the WISDOM project, the submitted proposal for a possible extension with a second phase, and ongoing research work and project's progress. WISDOM has the strong support of MOST and MONRE, with Vice Minister Dr. Lai underlining that a key focus must be the user friendliness of the WISDOM Information System, and it simplistic design, so as to not become a 'scientific system ending up in the shelf'.

WISDOM - Latest News.

Integrated Watershed Management plays a crucial role for the sustainable use, the preservation and the analyses of water resoures. It is the goal of the WISDOM project to jointly (Vietnamese and German partners) design and implement an Information System for the Mekong Delta, containing information from the fields of hydrology, sociology, information technology and earth observation. The integration of such data will enable the end-user of the system to perform analyses on very specific questions; and thus will supply the end-user with a tool supporting regional planning activities.

Project Coordination of DLR presented WISDOM Project at 3rd German-Indian Conference on Research for Sustainability February 2010

The WIDSDOM project and its preliminary results as well as the Mekong Delta Information System were presented during the 3rd German-Indian Conference on Research for Sustainability held in Delhi, India, on February 3rd and 4th, organized by DST, IIT Delhi and BMBF. The goal of the 3rd Indo-German Conference was to define strategic common areas between India and Germany in the fields of -water- and -waste management- research and development and to build a network between key actors. The networks are expected to generate research, development and innovation alliances for the better use of scientific and technological knowledge.

UNU-EHS organized the third WISDOM PhD Scientific Seminar in Bonn

The 3rd WISDOM PhD scientific seminar was held at UNU-EHS for three days from 27 to 29 January, 2010. In the first two days, 14 WISDOM PhD students presented their research findings in poster sessions and oral presentations covering topics from fields of hydrology and hydrological modeling, water quality monitoring and modeling (pesticides and endocrine disruptors), vulnerability assessment to water related hazards, knowledge management, adaptation of local knowledge to a changing environment, policy-making in rural water supply and sanitation.

ZEF explores aquaculture development and water-related environmental problems in Can Tho City

Considering a growing water contamination through expanding fresh water aquacultures in the upstream delta, ZEF recently conducted a field research in Can Tho City, aiming at exploring the linkages between fish farming and water-related environmental problems from a social science perspective. In Can Tho City, freshwater aquaculture has become a key sector for boosting the local economic development in recent years. Hundreds of new jobs have been created in commercial fish farms and processing companies and the rural scenery has altered accordingly in many places of the province. For instance, the Hau River Bank, which consisted of mainly rice fields and fruit orchards, has been transformed into

DLR Project Coordination supported by CIM expert at MOST-South in HCMC

Since December 2009 Mr. Florian Moder has started his work as a CIM Consultant for the WISDOM project, supporting project coordination on the German side- Flroian will be involved in coordinative tasks, administration, capcity building and networking. He is located at the office of Dr. Buy van Quyen, who is the Director of MOST Southern Representative Office. Florian has a background in Geography, GIS and remote sensing. He will support the WISDOM project for the next two years. The consortium thanks BMBF and MOST for the support and funding of the position.


DLR installs the first Version of the WISDOM Prototype at SIWRR and CTU

During the last weeks of December, IT experts of DLR installed the first version of the Information System prototype at the Southern Institute of Water Resources research in HCMC, as well as at Can Tho University in the Mekong Delta. The first test intallations were accompanied by hands on trainings. Purpose of Prototype installation was to firstly promote data sharing and technology transfer, analyse the challenges in Vietnam, and yield insights for further IT development.

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